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"Ik ben all-round ICT consultant met een sterke wetenschappelijke achtergrond en visie op het gebied van data en kunstmatige intelligentie (AI). In mijn werk verbind ik het onderzoek naar nieuwe toepassingen met de vraag uit het bedrijfsleven. Vanuit een consultancy rol help organisaties met nieuwe ontwikkelingen in een wereld waarin AI voor hen steeds belangrijker wordt. Van nature ben ik een verbinder, zowel binnen een project als in het algemeen, tussen de wetenschap en het bedrijfsleven. In mijn werk combineer ik inhoud (machine learning, software engineering) met praktische oplossingen in de smart industry, zorg en openbare veiligheid."

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Data & AI

  • Ontwerp Machine Learning en AI-algoritmen
  • Samenwerking met onderwijs
  • Data analyse en modelleren
  • Engineering AI software (Python, Java)


  • Vertalen AI technologie <--> businesswaarde
  • Roadmapping innovatie agenda en inhoudelijke sturing van co-innovatie en klantprojecten
  • Lezingen
  • Visie en inspiratie

Extended profile (in English)

Dr. Wico Mulder is senior scientist and consultant at TNO. He has a strong background in science and software engineering. Wico’s main research interests are distributed learning systems. His projects are characterized by the combination of machine learning, multi agents systems and human-machine interaction. He combines his scientific work with practical solutions in industry, healthcare, smart buildings, and public safety. Central theme: “Learning Avatar Networks”. Wico holds an MSc in Physics at the university of Groningen. His career started as a software architect in 1997 at CMG, a large IT consultancy firm, taken over by Logica, and today known as CGI. From 2004 – 2010 Wico was frontrunner in the company’s participation in national and European research projects (ECOLEAD, vl-E). He specialized himself further in data intensive and distributed systems and worked in parallel at the institute for computer science at the University of Amsterdam. For his work on machine learning in multi agent systems, with applications in computing-grids and business eco-systems, he received a personal grant (Casimir) from the Dutch Institute for Scientific Research (NWO). In 2011 he received his PhD at the university of Amsterdam on the topic of ‘Learning Agent Organisations’. He was the technical lead of a social community project for the Dutch police (ComProNet), worked on the machine learning for personalized medicine at the former Alan Turing Institute in Almere. In 2015 he joined KPN Consulting in the role of lead Data & Analytics where he set up a student Lab. He supervised several bachelor and M.Sc. students and was a lead architect in machine learning projects in the domain of smart farming, healthcare and public safety. The work at KPN Consulting has led to a multi-year strategic collaboration with the Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen. In January 2021 he started at TNO, the Dutch institute for scientific research and innovation, to further extend his work in the field of data sharing and artificial intelligence with applications in industrial domains. His main interest is on networks of interacting agents, distributed learning human-machine-interaction and digital twins (which he politely bends towards the concept of Avatars). Wico likes to engage people in innovative projects and partner ecosystems and to translate knowledge into solutions that strengthen business and well-being in our society. He is an active member of the data science community in the Northern Netherlands. Wico is married and has three children. In his spare time he likes to be creative, explain mathematics to youngsters and write some code for fun.

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